It’s back! 2022 sees the much anticipated return of bodybuilding to the Adelaide Fitness Expo. Expo organisers have announced a new partnership with Fitness Australia Events, who will run both mens and womens competitions as part of the action at the 2022 Expo.

After a successful Fitness Australia Weekend event last month, Fitness Australia Events will run both their Ms Fitness Australia and Muscle Mania competitions at the expo in 2022. Both will be pro qualifier events for the Fitness Universe 2022 Miami event later in the year.

More about bodybuilding

As natural bodybuilding competitions, all athletes will be drug tested and have to adhere to a strict set of guidelines. The process to prepare for competitions like this can take months, with some athletes sticking to an incredibly strict diet for up to 16 weeks. As a companion to that diet, they will take certain supplements, depending on what stage of the process they’re at.

The result is frankly, amazing:

The bodybuilding competitions at the 2022 Adelaide Fitness Expo will have a dedicated grandstand and stage and will open to all spectators. And for the first time, spectators will be able to grab themselves a beverage before taking their seat to admire the bodybuilding athletes!

Find out more about the other competitions running in 2022 here.

Early-bird tickets for the expo are on sale now until December 31st through Ticketmaster.

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