After two false starts in 2021, FitEd will finally make its debut at the 2022 Adelaide Fitness Expo – albeit with a truncated format.

The past 18 months haven’t been kind to most business owners in Australia, unless of course you’re Gerry Harvey. As a result, new enterprise has suffered dearly. New ideas have been that much harder to get off the ground. FitEd is one such example, designed as a conference for fitness professionals. The aim? To offer them the chance to engage in professional development conveniently and affordably. Guest speakers were booked and fitness education providers were set to fly in from around the country.

Another COVID-19 victim

Originally, FitEd was to run at the 2020 Adelaide Fitness Expo. That event was scuttled by the first lockdown this pandemic caused.

In 2021, an attempt at running FitEd as a standalone event was touted for late April. Organisers pulled the plug on that iteration for lack of commitment. The feedback from the Adelaide fitness community was positive though. They praised the idea but cited fear of losing money in the event of a cancellation as the cause of their hesitancy to register.

So the event was rescheduled for July 24th. Which became the weekend of a COVID-19 lockdown. After that, the event had to be shelved.

New year, new look

The FitEd concept was born of the Adelaide Fitness Expo’s desire to add more access to knowledge to its purview. So in 2022, the decision has been made to once again fold FitEd back into the expo. Three courses will run out of Netball SA Stadium’s workshop rooms on Sunday May 15th.

The courses will all be four hours and offer Fitness Australia CECs. They will start between 9 and 10:30am and will all include a ticket to the expo, which starts at 12pm.

Blackroll Australia will run a new short course on fascia training. COM Marketing will run a short course on marketing for fitness business owners. A third and final course is expected to be announced soon.

More information on the courses available can be found on the FitEd page of the website. Registrations are now open and places are strictly limited due to space constraints.