Following its success over the past couple of years in Europe, Triathlon SA were looking for an opportunity within South Australia to hold a virtual competition. In stepped the Adelaide Fitness Expo and the Stadium Shootout was born.

Virtual Triathlon blends real life with virtual racing to deliver a new level of the immersive viewing experience. Competitors race in real life on fitness equipment to send their avatars around the virtual tracks.

Modelled on the Super League Triathlon Arena Games format, athletes in the Triathlon SA Stadium Shootout will compete in a running and riding Duathlon. Sadly, we couldn’t build a pool into Netball SA Stadium in time, so no swimming this year…

Spectators will be able to watch the athletes run on treadmills and ride exercise bikes while their avatars cruise around the virtual countryside on big screens in front of them. The competition will also be live-streamed worldwide.

Triathlon SA CEO Jesse Mortensen said the organisation was excited about being part of the expo. “We’re pumped about this opportunity. The appetite for this kind of competition has been growing in the COVID era and we’re excited about showcasing what our triathletes can do.”

Triathlon Embraces New Tech for a New World

Virtual Triathlon uses Zwift technology. Zwift is a virtual training platform that blurs the lines between gaming and training and allows people to compete in a virtual world at the same time as they are doing real world workouts.

Stadium Shootout competitors will be competing for prizemoney and among them will be some of South Australia’s premier triathletes.

The Adelaide Fitness Expo will be held on Sunday May 15th 2022 from 12-7pm at Netball SA Stadium in Mile End. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Discover more about the 2022 lineup here.